Find Out Which ISO Certification Is The Right One For Your Business

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A quality management system approved by the International Organization for Standardization(ISO)is a seal of high-quality products for businesses worldwide. There are many different types of ISO certification for different industrial needs. This blog will discuss how you can get the right ISO certification for your business.

What Is An ISO Certification?

The ISO is an international nongovernmental body that brings global industry experts together to standardize systems of production for quality control. The standards developed by the certifying body are then met by businesses using quality control measures to get certified. ISO certification is recognized by over 150 countries worldwide. The right type of ISO certification validates a business’ processes and service quality which helps the business improve its sales.

Why Should Businesses Get ISO Certifications?

In the present global economy, businesses can only thrive if they have a unique selling point to set them apart from the competition. Product quality is one way they can accomplish that. Businesses looking to expand, especially to international markets, benefit from such certifications because they set industry standards that are recognized globally.

The certifications add credibility to company products and procedures that help the business build customer loyalty and generate sales. Additionally, workplace safety and the environmental impact of industry are issues that are of rising concern amongst global consumers. Having officially recognized auditors verify your business’ commitment to the social concerns of customers builds a brand that values its client’s concerns.

What Is The Right Type Of ISO Certification For Your Business?

To find the right ISO certification for your business, let’s look at a few key points.

There are as many as 22,000 ISO standards as of today. Each falls under one of three categories: food safety, information security, and risk management. The following standards are some of the most frequently sought certifications from businesses around the world. The company’s needs determine which certification is best for your business.

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ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification belongs to the ISO 9000 family of certifications and is the most widely used one today. While a lot of certifications are industry-specific, ISO 9001 is a general criterion of standards that should be met by industries today. It lays down a comprehensive list of principles to be adopted and maintained by the organization to be certified.

The ISO 9000 family of standards is concerned with improving the quality of products and services to improve customer satisfaction regardless of the industrial sector. Businesses that seek to drive sales through improved quality of products should opt for an ISO 9001 audit. It helps them address and troubleshoot nonconformities and create a sophisticated system of policies that will improve service quality once implemented.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 certification can be used by all organizations looking to improve their occupational health and safety procedures to avoid work-related health emergencies for employees.

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People working in health, construction, chemical, biological, radioactive, mining, crude oil, and natural gas extraction industries are at the highest risk of calamities while at work. Businesses are responsible for their employees’ security and well-being.

Following international standards set by the experts at ISO, businesses can improve employee satisfaction and brand reputation amongst customers by opting for 45001 certifications.

ISO 13485

Unlike the last two, ISO 13485 certification is an industry-specific standard policy for medical device manufacturers to improve product quality.

Equipment made for clinical use, like dental implants, electrocardiograms, defibrillators, lasers, etc., help healthcare providers treat patients. The clinical safety of these devices is of utmost importance for public health.

Healthcare providers choose their devices carefully, given the risk involved in patient health. The only way manufacturers can improve sales is by making reliable products that minimize usage risks. Regulations that standardize the production of medical devices help manufacturers operate responsibly and avoid litigation.

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ISO 14001

Industries like the energy sector, fashion, transportation, forestry, etc., have the most detrimental impact on the environment due to their production of greenhouse gases. As the world population becomes increasingly aware of the effects of global warming on the planet, they are actively calling on industries to rectify the damage done and refine production methods to reduce their carbon footprint.

The ISO 14001 certification is an environmental management standard of quality check that encourages the industrial sector’s movement toward eco-friendly practices. This certification aims to move the world toward a net zero carbon footprint by reducing the industrial impact on the environment.

A 14001 auditor helps businesses develop production models that minimize environmental damage through life cycle assessments of products. Businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact should seek a 14001 certification.

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How Can Businesses Get ISO certified?

Businesses document their functional processes, such as sales and production, develop and improve their quality management systems, and run them through verified auditors to get ISO certified. They avail the services of independent certification bodies to get accreditated.

Independent certification bodies can accredit you for any type of certification, given they are recognized certifiers. Your choice of certification auditors will depend on whether they are a  recognized body for the right type of ISO certification for your business. You need to check for their reviews to ensure you are getting in business with a reliable organization.

ISO certification is the most widely recognized global standard for industrial practices. Almost all industrial sectors can benefit from these certifications.

We are a recognized ISO certifying and auditing body that helps clients by auditing for ISO 9001,

ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications. Our associates also help businesses register for these certifications. If you are looking to get your business ISO certified, reach out to us to get started.

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